[elinks-users] elinks --dump difficulty

SUBODH SAXENA subodhsaxena426 at live.com
Tue Dec 17 03:01:30 PST 2013

I am using elinks text browser. Its very cool. I am trying to dump data of Google.
$ elinks --dump "www.google.com"

It dumps data like that:
 [1]   _____________________   Search [2]Images [3]Maps [4]Play [5]YouTube [6]News [7]Gmail [8]Drive   [9]More »   [10]Web History | [11]Settings | [12]Sign inIndia
  [13]__________________________________________________________ [16]Advanced         [14][ Google Search ] [15][ I'm Feeling Lucky ]         search[17]Language                                                                 tools
Google.co.in offered in: [18]Hindi [19]Bengali [20]Telugu [21]Marathi [22]Tamil               [23]Gujarati [24]Kannada [25]Malayalam [26]Punjabi
       [27]Advertising Programs[28]Business Solutions[29]+Google[30]About                              Google[31]Google.com
                          © 2013 - [32]Privacy & Terms

  [13] is defining here that at the 13th place of www.google.com, we can search something....

issue :I can only search things in google or  by opening elinks browser and entering url into opened popup. $ elinks
But there is no way through I can dump searched thing directly with using "elinks --dump url" command.
it may be like that ----> (assumption)$ elinks --dump <option > <data for that option> <url>
example If I want to search for "Linux"
$ elinks --dump 13 "linux" "www.google.com" 

Is there any solution of above problem
I am using 3.2.0-57-generic kernel and ubuntu 12.04  
Subodh Saxena
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