[elinks-users] How do I save and restore form history?

Dun Peal dunpealer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 19:19:56 PST 2013

There's an online login form that I frequently need to refill, always
with the exact same input. I would like to have it automatically
filled-out by elinks every time I visit it.

I found the "Form history manager" in Tools > Form history. When I
launch it, a bright square is displayed with various buttons like
"Login", "Info", "Toggle saving", "Save".

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing happens when I press any of the
buttons, either via the keyboard or the mouse cursor.

Please let me know how I can actually utilize this feature. I love
elinks, but refilling this form (and others) gets tiresome after the
4th time I do it in a single day :)

This is ELinks 0.12pre5 straight from the default package on the
Ubuntu 13.10 repo. "Form History" is included in the list Features
shown by --version.

Thanks, D.

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