[elinks-users] Q: how to trigger bell?

Dirk Schouten schoutdi at knoware.nl
Fri Dec 12 09:04:24 PST 2014

Dear elinks forum members,
New to elinks, we developed a chat for blind
users (using a text only browser, no Javascript).
Please see the manual at:

With Elinks (and a great tip from Witold!) it
works like a charm.

Only one thing is missing, which is available in the 
GUI for visual and visually impaired users ( which 
uses Javascript): a sound when a new message arrives.

Consulting the elinks.conf manual I found:

document.download.notify_bell <num> (default: 0)

Question: Is there a possibility to put something in a 
HTML page to trigger the bell?

Every n seconds we send an 'empty' HTML pages when 
there is no new information.
When there is new input from a user, the page contains 
for example:

Mary: some text that is written by Mary

Hope you have a solution. It would be a great help for 
the blind.
With amicable regards,

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