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Thu Aug 2 18:24:44 PDT 2001

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TITLE:		Remote X
AUTHOR:		Ron885 <ron885 at>

SYNOPSIS: This hint explains how to setup and and get working remote X.


Setting up remote X is very simple.  You need two computers... one will be
called A and one will be called B.  An X server needs to be running on A.  To
allow computer B to connect to computer A's X server, you need to run
'xhost +Bip' on computer A.  Than you have to follow the directions based on
how you are connecting to computer B.

If you are using ssh and have 'ForwardX11 yes' in your config:
	You don't have to setup anything special, all you have to do is ssh
	into computer B from computer A and run the programs normally, the ssh
	will do everything for you.

If you are using telnet or you can't put 'ForwardX11 yes' in your config:
	Make sure port 6000 is open on computer A.  Telnet or ssh into computer
	B and type 'export DISPLAY=Aip:0'.  Then you can just run programs like
	you normally would.

If it works, you should see the program you ran display on computer A.


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