LFS 3.0-pre3 upgrade hint ;)

J. Jones jjones at darkside.dynup.net
Thu Aug 16 22:46:08 PDT 2001

I'll keep this updated as more info comes in.

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TITLE:		LFS 3.0-pre3 upgrade.
LFS VERSION:	3.0-pre3
AUTHOR:		J. Jones <jjones(at)darkside(dot)dynup(dot)net>

	This hint should solve your static compile issues on LFS 3.0-pre3.


Why this?

  Long story short:  --strip-unneeded destroys static libraries.

  I told Gerard the above was library safe, which it is for shared objects (at
least those not in use by the strip command), without testing the effects of
it on static libraries.  It unfortunately leaves them in a completely unusable

Well, what do I have to do?

  So far it appears you can get by with only rebuilding glibc and ncurses
statically.  Your milage may vary, but it has corrected the problem on the
only two pre3 systems available.

IMPORTANT:  If you don't execute the following, you are asking for trouble
during the glibc compile.

  export CFLAGS="" && export CXXFLAGS=""

glibc-2.2.1 rebuild:

  You will need to extract both tarballs as you did in the LFS instructions.
Create the glibc-build directory and cd into it.  Use the following:

../glibc-2.2.1/configure \
  --prefix=/usr \
  --disable-shared \
  --disable-profile \
make install_root=/tmp/glibc-static install
cd /tmp/glibc-static/usr/lib
cp -a * /usr/lib

ncurses-5.2 rebuild:

./configure \
  --with-install-prefix=/tmp/ncurses-static \
  --prefix=/usr \
  --libdir=/lib \
  --without-shared \
  --without-profile \
  --without-debug \
make install
cd /tmp/ncurses-static/lib
cp -a *.a /lib

You should now have the required (functional) static libraries required to
complete chapter 5 of the LFS book.

Please report success and failure of this to me.  This is my fault, and
therefore my responsibility to fix.  Sorry.  ;)


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