Setting up DNS hint - LONG EMAIL

ian at ian at
Tue Aug 28 11:30:00 PDT 2001


>Just realized you already have instructions for setting up BIND
> by Michenaud Laurent.

Ah right, I didn't realise this either as I am away at the moment.

Your suggestion of a merge to make 1 comprehensive hint is the best option.

I could do this sometime after I get back but it will take me hours to catch up with mail so it may be a few days before I get to it..

The quickest would probably be for you to contact the author of the current hint and either:
- Update it and send him a patch or new hint
- Give him the suggestions and let him update it.

Ether way, you can stick both your names on it, and one of you send it to hints at when done and I will commit it as soon as I get back home on Thursday.

Let me know ether way - I could do it if you need..



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