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John McSwain jmcswain at InfoAve.Net
Mon Jul 2 07:43:15 PDT 2001

I posted this to lfs-apps.  I didn't have any acknowledgement that you saw
it so I took Jesse's advice and forwarded it here.  Just wanted to make sure
the right people new it existed.


> Simon,
> I have a couple of LFS computers protected with APC UPS running apcupsd
> software.  The software is fairly easy to install on an LFS system except
> after the "make" command it spits out a few crypt remarks regarding an
> "unknown distribution" and tells the user "you are on your own".  Kern
> Sibbald of the apcupsd development team had asked me to give him
> so his software could recognize LFS.  However, as LFS is not designed to
> a specific distribution but a starting point for individualization, I
> thought it may be better to have an LFS hint giving enough information for
> an LFS user to install apcupsd.
> John
> jmcswain at infoave.net
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