Ian Chilton ian at ichilton.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 06:23:37 PDT 2001


Got my CVS environment setup so getting moving a little now.

1) I have been looking at the filenames on the hints, and although they
were changed recently to get rid of capitals, I think that the ones
still with capitals (BSD-Init.txt, DRI.txt, KDE.txt, NFS-server.txt,
RPM4_and_Glibc22.txt, X11.txt) don't warrent having capitals any more
than some of the others do.

So, I propose to change them all to non-capitals, leaving only README
and WRITING_HINTS (see below) in capitals.

2) I have taken Simon's README file, updated, changed layout etc, and
made a new file called WRITING_HINTS.


I'd appreciate your comments on this.

3) I propose to replace README with something like:

lfs-hints are ...........

The latest versions are available from cvs at <cvsweb and anoncvs

At bla time each night, they are extracted and made available through:

If you are interested in writing a new lfs-hint, please read the

If you notice any mistakes or out of date information in any of the
hints, please mail the author and CC to
hint-admin at linuxfromscratch.org.

If you have any hint suggestions, these can be discussed further on the
lfs-discuss/lfs-apps mailinglists.

Any problems or comments can be mailed to the LFS Hint Admin, Ian
Chilton <ian at ichilton.co.uk>


4) Plan is to sort new list (? hints at linuxfromscratch.org), new site (?
http://hints.linuxfromscratch.org) and hint index out when I get back
from holiday in 3 weeks.

Suggestions welcome.


Bye for Now,


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