Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Wed Jul 4 20:12:07 PDT 2001


On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 12:10:57PM +0100, Ian Chilton wrote:
> - Remaining hints with capitals renamed

You may want to grep the LFS book now, and look for all the hints that
will need updating, eg, the filename that is, you also may want to email
Dre about the link to KDE.txt for the 'KDE 2.x Systems' (see the article
on or (which seems like's DNS is down right
now.. hrm)

> - 3 editor hints moved into main dir and renamed, editors dir removed -
> did a cvs commit to update description with "Renamed"

Right above, i know this needs to be updated in the book.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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