ftp hint - mispelling and some toughts

Richard Lightman richard at reika.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 7 15:14:45 PDT 2001

Misquoted from Ian Chilton on 2001/07/ 7 at 11:35 +0000:
> Please send it as a .txt attachment (prefered) to ian at ichilton.co.uk,
> CC'd to hint-admin at linuxfromscratch.org.
Oops. Wrote an e-mail to lfs-apps, then connected to my ISP,
so my post went out when the above arrived. Oh well, now you
will find the some email in your mail-box, lfs-apps and hint-admin


I have done a major overhaul of the ftp hint. It's getting late
so I may have missed a few things when proof reading.

  It may be worth waiting a day or two before committing this.

  I noticed all the lines that started with '.' got an extra '.'
  from somewhere. Is this a problem with the lfs-hints scripts?
  I have indented all the lines that start with '.' in the hope
  that this will work around the problem.

  If you are feeling enthusiastic, this is a good time to point
  out anything that is wrong or not clear so we do not waste
  Ian/Jesse's time committing the same hint three or four

Nausiating detail:

> Thoroughly paraphrased from Joao Clemente's email:

> Typo: up up you -> up if you

Changed all the non-root user installation instructions, so this has gone.

> 1 - In proftp
> "configuring proftp" section before "Put a boot script in /etc/init.d"
> Intructions for use with inetd

Good ideas. Done, but I could do with some help with inetd. It has
been so long since I used it. What package did it come with?

> 2- In lukemftp
> Better explanation of .netrc, and refer to man page.


> 3 - as packages change constantly,
> Separate filename from the rest of the URL path

Not done. AFAIK, these are plain text, not hyperlinks. People
have to type or cut & paste them, so they can easily stop short
of the file name. If I separate them, then it will be harder
to cut & paste the complete URL.

I like having the version number with the URL, that way people
know what version I tested the hint with, and that if they use
the same version then it ought to work the same way. Or if they
see a new version and the hint does not match, they can fix the
hint, or ask me to do it.

> 4 - proftp dowload links don't work :
> (a) I couldn't find anywhere to go from hampster.wibble.org/proftpd (it
> redirects to some page without links)
> (b) ftp://ftp.linux.co.uk/mirrors/ftp.proftpd.net/ also does not exist. It
> seem that proftpd is in ftp.proftpd.org and not in .net
> If this is right, the FAQ link will not work either

4a: Done. The documentation is now included withe the sources, so the
link to the draft documentation is no longer required.
4b: Done: the URL is now ftp.proftpd.org, the FAQ is now included
with the sources.

5 - Can't understand the proftpd explanation of the change to install not as
root but as "install" user..

I have changed the way I do non-root installs. Before, I had many directories
(/bin, /usr/bin, ...) with group bin, mod 775, and had a user called install
who was a member of bin to do the installation. This was far to wobbly.

My current method is to install to a directory tree other than /
If I am happy with the contents of this directory, I then su to root
to copy everything to /

proftpd now provides better support for this sort of thing. This new
method is much simpler and more robust (all the system directories
are now owned by root, group root, mode 755).

I hope the new instructions are clearer.

> Hope this helps

Yes thankyou. It is good to get feedback, and the hint was in dire
need of an overhawl.

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