New hint - for wvdial

Mark Hymers mark-lfs at
Fri Jul 13 03:37:33 PDT 2001

Hi Ian or HIghoS (don't know which of you it is)

Here's a small hint for compiling wvdial-1.41.  It needs a small change
to an #include.

See you


TITLE:		Wvdial hint
LFS VERSION:	3.0-pre4 (probably others as well)
AUTHOR NAME:	Mark Hymers <mark-lfs at>

	Fix for slight bug in one of wvdial's source code files.

To install Wvdial, you need pppd installed first.

Wvdial-1.41 has a slight problem which means that it won't compile 
by default, exiting when trying to compile streams/

There is a fix for this.  Open streams/ and look for a line near 
the top of the file which looks like this:

#include <sys/time.h>

Change this to read

#include <time.h>

Wvdial should now compile OK with the normal make && make install routine.  
Note that there is no configure and if you may want to change the default 
install location from /usr/local you will have to edit Makefile manually.
The line you are looking for is:

You can alter this, and any other of the locations you want before running 
make install.

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