Tuxracer hint

Paul Campbell lfshints at cmm.uklinux.net
Wed Oct 10 04:45:08 PDT 2001

Hope this is welcomed.  It's a great game.


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TITLE:		Tuxracer Hint
LFS VERSION:	Tested with LFS-3.0pre4 => LFS-3.0 (3dfx voodoo3)
AUTHOR:		Paul Campbell <lfshints at cmm.uklinux.net>

SYNOPSIS:	Tuxracer is a crackingly good open source game.
It is probably your first port of call for testing you have a working 
glide.  Tuxracer requires a lot of pacakges and libraries and in turn they
require a few more.  Hence the hint.

(see end for download URLS)

TuxRacer Hint.txt
Paul Campbell <lfshints at cmm.uklinux.net>


>From the top, if you don't have supported 3D graphics card forget it.  
That said, take a look at the DRI hint and come back here.

I had problems compiling Glide for X4.1.0 as per the DRI hint, and after 
a months DRI less, thaz/#lfs (mike) introduced me to the glide from 
slackware that works.  If you end up with your glxgears command seg faulting 
at the end of the DRI hint, then try this.
	Follow the DRI hint exactly but get you glide from slackware and 
execute this for the glide install. 

mv swlibs glide3x &&
chmod +x glide3x/swlibs/include/make/ostype && 
cd glide3x/h3/minihwc &&
ln -s linhwc.c.dri linhwc.c && 
cd ../glide3/src ; ln -s gglide.c.dri gglide.c &&
ln -s gsst.c.dri gsst.c && 
ln -s glfb.c.dri glfb.c 

## then cd back into the main glide3x directory

make -f makefile.linux && 
cp -ax h3/lib/libglide* /usr/lib && 
cp -ax swlibs/include/*.h /usr/include/glide3 &&
cp -ax h3/include/*.h /usr/include/glide3

Dont try and pass ANY opts to the glide library, it will segfault.

Finish the DRI hint.  You may however want to avoid the CVS mesa sources, then...

Get your Mesa from the usual places (see references), version 3.5 I think is the
 current, unpack both the MesaLibs and MesaDemos, they will both go into the 
same dir automatically.

cd into the directory and execute....

./configure --prefix=/usr &&
cd src-glut &&
make && make install &&
cd ../src-glu &&
make && make install &&
cd .. &&
cp include/GL/glu.h /usr/include &&
cp include/GL/glut.h /usr/include &&

Finally is you still don't get anything from glxgears then scream for help.

Now for the game it's self.  Well ... not quite. :)

<tcl/tk> bit

Compile TCL with

cd unix &&
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-threads --enable-shared && 
make && make install

<ESD> bit

ESD (esound) the elightenmnt sound daemon is required by SDL.

ESD recommends libaudio file.  If you want to enable this, 
compile libaudiofile with the below.  Also if you use ALSA 
for your sound you may want to take a qiuck look in the docs for
esound, or at least run ./configure --help first.

Audio File.

./configure --prefix=/usr && make & make install

Then esound (ESD)

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-libwrap --with-audiofile &&
make && make install

I had intermitant problems and errors from this.  Removal of --with-libwrap 
seems to help.  If the above fails or you don't want lib audiofile try this 

./configure && make && make install



./configure --disable-debug

	--enable-video-svga  << if you want SVGAlib support
	--enable-video-aalib << if you have aalib stuff 
In fact run
./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-debug --help
and delete the --help and add any options you think are of use.

make && make install


./configure &&
make && make install

I had problems with this and SDL, since SDL had linked against KDE 
libs and they were not in my /etc/ld.so.conf.  You should be fine.


You will probably at least require mpg123 for this. I'm not sure, 
mpg123 is fairly required and is usually right up there on anyones list.

./configure &&
make && make install &&


Unpack both archives tuxracer and tuxracer_data and run this:

cd tuxracer-0.61 &&
./configure &&
make && make install &&
cd .. &&
mv tuxracer-data-0.61 /usr/local/share/tuxracer

If this fails with "Can't find Tcl", and it probably will.


ln -s /usr/lib/libtcl.8.4.so /usr/lib/libtcl.so && ldconfig

Then rerun the above.

After you first run the games as any user, you will have to edit 
the ~/.tuxracer/options file and edit your prefernces, like bumping up 
the resolutions etc.  There are hundreds of options.  Have fun.

Happy racing penguins, enjoy.

PS for outright speed, run tuxracer with.....

xinit /usr/local/bin/tuxracer

No WM no DE no messing around, just tux. :)
(works with UT and quake too)

For support or complaints, email, lfshints at cmm.uklinux.net


References and Download URLs.

Version depends on your vid card.  I have a voodoo3 3000 and used glide_h3_dri.tar.gz

Version is 3.5

Search on www.sourgeforge.net for Tcl





TuxRacer / Tuxracer-data

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