disk space hint

major nono m.vanderkok at hetnet.nl
Sat Oct 20 15:21:39 PDT 2001

I've just installed LFS, using RH6.0 and a 2.0 GB hard disk. The setup for
the hard disk I used was as followed:
750 Mb partition for RH60
64 Mg swap
1.1 Gb for LFS

I found that the 1.1 Gb hard disk is rather small, but it can be done. For
this, I had to copy each package seperately untarred into the /usr/src dir
and start compiling and install. If you ever plan to install the LFS on a
system, I would recommend a partition to be some larger then the 1.1 Gb I
used. At several packaged, I got a full hard disk, for example the glibc and
gcc packaged.

Overall, LFS is great. How it feels to have made your own tini linux system,
with only about ten processes running is great!!!!!

Thanxs from a very satisfied user

Major Nono

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