Ian Chilton ian at ichilton.co.uk
Fri Sep 7 04:43:22 PDT 2001


> samba.txt has the following line:
> http://hints.linuxfromscratch.org/~ian/hints/exim/eximconfig

Oops, sorry... I must have been editing the wrong file when I put the
url in :)

Anyway, both new files have been checked in and I have re-run the
nightly extract to pick this up, and also the bind hint didn't seem to
get updated in the nightly extract so this is done now.

But, please could you do me a favor :)
When you send hints, attachments are good, but please could you send the
mail to hints at linuxfromscratch.org. This is a mailinglist and I have an
account on my devel box subscribed to this, so I can save the files out
straight to my cvs directory. When you send it to any other address, the
mail is on a completely different box which is colocated, so I have to
start saving the attachment and copying the files back here before I can
do anything.

Also, if they were called samba.txt and exim.txt it would help but i'm
not too bothered about that as long as they end up on the right box :)



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