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J.A. Neitzel jan at belvento.org
Sat Sep 8 00:18:21 PDT 2001

Hello! =)

Well, here is my little shadow hint. I hope it's okay. If it's not, let 
me know, and I'll fix what needs fixing...

One thing I wasn't sure about was what to put for LFS VERSION:. I put the 
following since there isn't really a 3.0 LFS yet.
LFS VERSION:	3.0 prereleases and CVS versions

It could conceivably be "All" since the thing that matters most is that 
it be used with shadow-20001016. I noted this in the PREFACE. Thoughts? 
Feel free to change LFS VERSION: to whatever you think is suitable for 
the situation...

If that doesn't work, please tell me what would be suitable; I'll change 
it and send it back to you.
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