Hint Submission #2 - shadowpasswd_plus.txt

J.A. Neitzel jan at belvento.org
Mon Sep 10 19:52:37 PDT 2001

On Monday 10 September 2001 05:47 am, Ian Chilton wrote:
> Committed, Thanks!

Thanks Sir Chilton and others! =)
What fun it is to write hints...

This mail has a point to. Just curious, I notice a lot of CC: in regards 
to hint submission and the like. How do you guys prefer hint stuff 
happens? If and when I mail regarding hint stuff, do I need to

CC: hints at linuxfromscratch.org ???

I don't want to annoy anyone with improper mailing etiquette... =(
That's the only reason I ask.
Ta for now,

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