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Sam Halliday fommil at yahoo.ie
Fri Dec 13 12:27:33 PST 2002

hi there (semi cross-post to blfs-support)

i have noticed recently that a lot of the XFree86 related stuff is being
maintained mostly in the BLFS book and within the mail archives... i was
planning a little resurrection of the X hints! :-D

for new LFS'ers the 6-hints about X is quite confusing.. so i propose
this... that we merge all the hints into one 'super' hint which has
everything relevant, but still consise enough for a single hint. i think
this is a good idea as there are many things in X now which do not
require to be compiled seperately (eg Mesa, Freetype2, DRI) and some
things are not supported anymore (like glide and voodoo cards), the
config options can certainly be trimmed somewhat.

i have emailed all the authors of x11, xfree86_41, xfree86_42,
xfree86_4.2.0_dri, dri, nvidia_glx and am still awaiting a response from
them all before i try to commit anything properly (if any of them do
object, then i will honour their choice). Some have responded already,
and some of their email addresses no longer exist!

I have already written a new hint which is a lot more up to date, and i
am proposing that IF this new hint goes on the archives... we scrap the
older ones (after a certain length of 'teething' time), so that the
confusing 'many X hints' policy disappears :-D

i have attached the new proposed hint and can send it to anyone who
requests. It is still earlier in its development, so please... pick at
it the best you can!! :-D additional AUTHORS are encouraged to join in!

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception.
-- Groucho Marx
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