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  --- mplayer.txt	10 Dec 2002 18:28:34 -0000	1.3
  +++ mplayer.txt	19 Dec 2002 00:06:30 -0000	1.4
  @@ -19,10 +19,13 @@
   	You should also load a recent package of the windows codecs and
   	of the OSD fonts (if you don't want a On Screen Display anyway,
   	you could leave those alone). Every package is now .bz2-packed,
  -	so you don't need unzip anymore.
  +	so you don't need unzip anymore. If you don't like those OSD
  +	prerendered fonts, you can configure MPlayer to use freetype2
  +	for a font renderer with --enable-freetype.
   	If you want gui support, you should load a gui skin of your
  -	liking, too, plus you'll definitely need libpng and gtk+.
  +	liking, too, plus you'll definitely need XFree86, libpng and
  +	gtk+ (which requires glib itself).
   	Since 19.11.2002 (CVS) and release 0.90rc1, Sorenson support was
   	added. If you're interested in that feature, additionally click
  @@ -31,10 +34,10 @@
   	Quicktime5 dlls, too, because the latter provides a file
   	necessary for the usage of the first. The Quicktime "extra"
   	dlls are codecs not yet supported. The rp8/9codecs are shared
  -	objects for linux.
  +	objects for linux, the xanim codecs are binary modules.
  -	In further versions, this codecs might be integrated into the
  -	windows codec pack.
  +	In further versions, at least the Quicktime codecs might be
  +	integrated into the windows codec pack.
  @@ -52,7 +55,7 @@
   	Video Codecs / Content Decryption:
  -	xvid:
  +	xvid: OR
   	divx4linux: (Videocodec:, look on or for an
   	actual binary version or get the cvs version)
  @@ -63,11 +66,14 @@
   	RealPlayer Libs:
   	libdvdnav: (DVD Navigation support)
  +	unrarlib: (can play files directly from
  +	.rar archives - even splitted ones!)
   	Audio Stuff:
   	Ogg Vorbis: (read the Ogg/Vorbis-Hint)
   	MAD (Mpeg Audio Decoder):
  +	liba52: (ATSC A/52 Decoder):
   	cdparanoia: (for CD playing)
  @@ -204,10 +210,17 @@
   	divx4linux (libdivxdecore)
  +	divx4linux aka OpenDivX is considered closed source since
  +	the releases are binary-only. Xvid on the other hand, does
  +	nice and frequent source releases (Xvid is discussed in the
  +	next section).
  +	MPlayer can use divx4linux OR xvid. If you choose for one of
  +	it, you can't use the other.
   	The CVS version compiled fine for me, at least the decoding
  -	stuff (I'm still working on getting the encoder running). To
  -	get it, type
  +	stuff was easy. To get all of it, type
   	cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at \
   	login &&
  @@ -225,7 +238,7 @@
   	cd ../../../encore/build &&
   	mkdir linux &&
   	cd linux &&
  -	cat >> Makefile << "EOF"
  +	cat > Makefile << "EOF"
  @@ -277,6 +290,8 @@
  +	Warning: Xvid can't be used if divx4linux is enabled!
   	Xvid is another free implementation of an mpeg4/divx-compatible
   	codec. It's very optimized for x86-CPUs and capable of playing
   	most divx-encoded movies. For installing it, type:
  @@ -295,7 +310,8 @@
   	LZO is a fast, lossless-compression library. You can use it
  -	to compress raw audio/video data. It usually achieves
  +	to compress raw audio/video data. It's also usable by transcode
  +	so you could use it for previewing stuff. It usually achieves
   	compression values around 50%, so a usual TV Signal stream
   	should be compressed to 10MB/sec. It's not that usable to the
   	usual user, as you can see, but since transcode supports this
  @@ -315,7 +331,9 @@
   	the codecs, but be warned that the unlicensed use of the codec
   	with another program than xanim is illegal. If you don't bother
   	about legality issues, you may proceed, but you've been
  -	warned...
  +	warned... just unpack the codecs to /usr/local or another
  +	directory of your choice and tell MPlayer with the switch
  +	--with-xanimlibdir=... where you stored those files.
  @@ -351,14 +369,43 @@
   	All dll codecs should go right into the /usr/lib/win32
   	directory or whatever you've used for it when you installed the
  -	windows codecs. If you want Quicktime, you need to use the
  -	--enable-qtx switch on ./configure.
  +	windows codecs. 
   	The realplayer codecs are in linux shared object (.so) format,
   	so you can unpack them directly to /usr/local or another
   	directory of your liking and tell ./configure the place where
   	you've put them: --with-reallibdir=<e.g /usr/local/rp9codecs>.
  +	unrarlib
  +	--------
  +	Unrarlib enables mplayer to play files directly from .rar
  +	archives (only those made by WinRAR 2.9 or older, WinRAR 3.0
  +	files are not supported yet). A copy of that library comes with
  +	every release version. To get it into the CVS versions, simply
  +	copy the necessary files to the MPlayer directory:
  +	cp -v ../unrarlib-<version>/unrarlib/* .
  +	<version> should be replaced with the actual version number
  +	(which is 0.4.0 at the current date). The unrarlib files are 
  +	autodetected, so don't bother.
  +	liba52, MAD, Ogg/Vorbis
  +	-----------------------
  +	Both packages liba52 and MAD are autodetected and compile right
  +	out of the box with a short:
  +	./configure &&
  +	make &&
  +	make install
  +	There's a good hint about Ogg/Vorbis, so read this if you need
  +	it.
  @@ -367,9 +414,8 @@
   	lot of hassle:
   	./configure --prefix=<e.g /usr/X11R6> --enable-largefiles \
  -        --enable-gui --enable-menu --enable-new-config \
  -	--enable-qtx-codecs --enable-liblzo --enable-vorbis \
  -	--with-extraincdir=/usr/X11R6/include \
  +        --enable-gui --enable-menu --enable-liblzo --enable-vorbis \
  +	--enable-freetype --with-extraincdir=/usr/X11R6/include \
   	--with-extralibdir=/usr/X11R6/lib &&
   	make &&
   	make install
  @@ -457,7 +503,7 @@
   	--disable-tv-bsdbt848	The BSD interface for Brooktree Chipsets
   				can be disabled. Since this is an LFS
  -				hint, you should be running, linux, not
  +				hint, you should be running linux, not
   				[Autodetected anyway]
  @@ -519,28 +565,19 @@
   	--disable-unrarlib	Mplayer can use Unique's RAR File 
   				Library to play files that are packed
   				in a .rar archive.
  -				[Don't bother, you usually don't need
  -				it anyway]
  +				[autodetected if available]
  -	--enable-new-conf	Enable new config stuff that is
  -				necessary for osd-menu support and
  -				other extras.
  -				[If you want to use your old config
  -				file, don't use it, but you need it for
  -				OSD menu support (next option)]
  +	--disable-new-conf	New configuration parser code, which is
  +				necessary for menu support can be
  +				disabled. OK, it may be experimental,
  +				but it works very well for me.
  +				[Don't touch it]
   	--enable-menu		Enable On Screen Display (OSD) menu -
   				it's like a command line shell rendered
   				over your movie - def'nitely a show-off
   				option in mplayer.
  -				[If you want it, you need
  -				--enable-new-conf, too, normal users
  -				doesn't need it]
  -	--enable-qtx-codecs	If you've loaded the Quicktime codecs
  -				pack, you can enable them with this
  -				switch.
  -				[I like it!]
  +				[It's cool, but you don't need it]
   	--enable-gif		Using libungif, you can make mplayer
                                   using gif files for a video output.
  @@ -966,4 +1003,4 @@
   Hope this was helpful anyway!
  +Alex (LX)
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