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Fri Dec 20 08:07:51 PST 2002

timothy at wrote:

>    Short Guide how to set up the necessary software to print using
>   -   ghostscript, a2ps and CUPS, Samba  and Gimp-Print as an Option.
>   +   ghostscript, psutils, a2ps, foomatic and CUPS, Samba and Gimp-
>   +   Print as an Option.
>    HINT:
>    This is a short Hint based on other printing hints, which did
>   @@ -18,20 +19,36 @@
>    Your favourite flavour of Ghostscript:

Please see note below.

>    look at, check mirror sites.
>   -   I prefer using AFPL Ghostscript 7.00, obtainable on
>   +   I prefer using AFPL Ghostscript 8.00, obtainable on
>, but any other
>   -   Version should do, too.
>   +   Version should do, too. You should also obtain a package of the
>   +   necessary type1-fonts, e.g. GNU-ghostscript-fonts.
>   +
>   +   Since Version 1.1.15, CUPS no longer includes the PS RIP filter
>   +   called pstoraster. So you need some ghostscript version that
>   +   provides as cups raster driver. ATM, GNU ghostscript DOES NOT
>   +   HAVE such a backend. So you're better off with AFPL or EPS
>   +   ghostscript.

If you want to use GNU ghostscript, then it must be
version ghostscript-7.05.  The patch included within cups, must be
applied to ghostscript.  But once you have done this is works fine.


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