let's finally get a hints index

Matthias Benkmann matthias at winterdrache.de
Fri Feb 8 16:52:57 PST 2002

I've just noticed that the hints index link still says "Coming soon". This
is kinda ridiculous as it said the same thing many months ago. So I have
hacked together the attached shell script. Just use it like this

indexhints /wherever/you/have/the/hints/*.txt >index.html

and you'll get a pretty useable index (definitely better than none at
all). Some hints will need fixing to comply with WRITING_HINTS (most
notably gcc_multiple_versions.txt and lfs_bare_build.txt).


p.s.: You should define a set of categories for the hints (maybe put it up
for discussion on lfs-dev and/or blfs-support) and add a CATEGORY part to
the WRITING_HINTS and reject all updates and new submissions without it.
This would make the hints index much more usable. For instance we need to
distinguish between hints relating to the building of base LFS (such as
keep_chap5_and_chap6_separate) and hints describing software packages not
part of base LFS. 

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