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Wolfgang Arendt Wolfgang.Arendt at
Sat Jan 5 07:31:40 PST 2002

Hi, x.y.f at home,

this email is about your printing hint. Shortly after I finished writing
my own document, I noticed, that you had already written something very
similar. After I committed my "printing2.txt" hint, I was asked by Ian
Chilton, the hint's administrator, whether I was willing, to merge my
document with another one, that had already existed, named
"printing.txt" (you refer to that same document in your text).

Do you think, we could merge the two remaining documents into one
printing hint? As I see, there are sections, which you have dealt in
more detail than me and vice versa.

If you agree, I would suggest the following structure:

I would like to keep the part from your hint, that deals with kernel
configuration and supported printer hardware.

The following parts (dealing with creating users and groups, gdbm and
LPRng) are described a little bit more in detail in my document. I would
like to keep these parts - adding your comment about the possibility, to
build LPRng without gdbm and your comments about building ghostscript
with shared zlib and jpeg libraries, as well as the statement about
building it without X at all. Maybe we should also keep the section
about how to setup "/etc/"?

After that, I would suggest, to keep my a2ps-part, adding your comments
about psutils, and mentioning the possibility to do without that

It seems to me, that the apsfilter part from "printing2.txt" is a little
bit more detailed. Moreover, from the INSTALL file, I read, that
apsfilter should first be installed, and the SETUP utility should only
be used afterwards. That way, you will not need to copy any ".upp" files

Finally, I would like to modify your "source and disclaimer" to read as

Sources and disclaimer

We certainly do not consider ourselves experts at print installations:).
document should give you a good start though. We welcome any comments.
The sources, we followed, are:


What do you think?

Wolfgang Arendt
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