Hint on w3m (webbrowser)

Michiel Terpstra vlaflip at vlaflip.net
Fri Jan 11 09:29:31 PST 2002

I have written a hint on the installation of
w3m, wich is a text based WWW browser.


   Michiel Terpstra
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TITLE:		w3m hint
AUTHOR:		Michiel Terpstra <vlaflip at hotmail.com>

	Installation of w3m, wich is a text only www browser supporting frames

version 1.0 (dec 11th 2002)

I decided to install w3m instead of lynx, because it supports frames
nd lynx lacks frame support. I've heard there is another browser out there
wich is a lynx clone with frame support, this one is called links.
Anyway, this is a hint for w3m.

w3m supports:
   zlib       (see openssh hint)
   openssl    (see openssh hint)
   gpm        (see gpm hint)
   ncurses    (installed defaultly in LFS 3.1)

you can get the w3m source from

this is the primary ftp site, wich is REALLY slow
if it actually exists. I couldn't make a connection
to this box at all... So I've got my copy from

By the way... there is a sourceforge project at

now for the installation hint...

first we unpack the sourcefiles
   tar xvfs w3m-0.2.2.tar.gz
then we enter the source dir

   cd w3m-0.2.2
and we start confiuring w3m

   answer all questions according to your LFS setup
   I've accepted the default values most of the time, but:
   My destination dirs are in /usr/... instead of /usr/local/...
   because i think a www browser should be a default tool in a
   linux distribution.
   Be sure to choose the English language (unless you speak Japanese)
   Say yes to ANSI color, if you like color support
   I've builded the custom model, because i wanted OpenSSL support,
   but didn't needed the mouse support. you are free to choose whatever
   model you like.
   If you like compiler optimizations you can enter them in your favorite
   C flags (eg. my opt: -O3 -march=i586)
   I choose to use the ncurses library instead of the other libs.
after configuration we can build the binaries

and we can install them

   make install
and we're done...
Happy WWW-ing

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