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Sun Jan 20 00:26:40 PST 2002

Hi, ian well i hope it is usefull for any one and that some things
become more clear about the €.

BTW my email adress is temperarely not working so response can always
go to i.schaap at

Greetz Ovis
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TITLE:          €uro.txt
LFS VERSION:    Tested on LFS-3.0
AUTHOR:         Ivo Schaap <ivo at>
                        or <i.schaap at>

SYNOPSIS:       How to render euro signs on your lfs box in case you wondered
                how to do it.

version 1.0 (01/06/2002)


1. Introduction.
2. Get euro's on a virtual console (tty[1-6])
3. Get euro's in a xterm.
4. Other issues.

1. Introduction.

This hint was born while i tryed to search for the euro on my lfs system.
It is more simple than i tought it would be. But in some apps i still dont know
how to get things done like opera. If you have valuable information you can
mail me and i can put it in this hint.

2. Get euro's on a virtual console (tty[1-6]) 

First the keyboard map has to be known.
Put this in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard


Than use a latin 9 character set:
vi /etc/sysconfig/font

# Begin /etc/sysconfig/font


# End /etc/sysconfig/font

To let this be your default font, put this at the end in /etc/init.d/loadkeys

echo -n "Loading font..."
/usr/bin/setfont $FONTMAP 2>/dev/null

What you've basicly have done is: 

loadkeys euro1 &&
setfont /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/lat9u-08.psfu.gz

So open an editor, and test it by pressing <alt gr> e
this is the alt key right of the spacebar.

Or say:

printf "\xa4\n"

Example: € € € € € € € €

There suposed to be 8 eurosigns above.

And an other trick is to type:
   <ctrl> v
to say 'here comes a special char', and than:
   <alt gr> <shift> 4

It gives \224 as one escaped character.
Like in:

echo "This is the \244"

To get this:

This is the €

3. To get euro's in an xterm.

First see what you have that you can use:

xlsfonts | grep iso8859-15

Than pick one you like and put in .Xdefaults

*VT100.font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--0-0-75-75-c-0-iso8859-15

and put in .xinitrc before anything else is executed

xmodmap -e 'keycode 26 = e E EuroSign'

Oke fire up your X and xterm and start an editor and for example vi.
I had to push <shift> <alt gr> 4 to get one.

or type this on your xterm:

printf "\xa4\n"

And again to test it, here some euro's: € € € € € € € 

4. Other Issues.

For all other apps try to let them use a latin 9 (iso8859-15) character set.

Try to experiment:

grep -irn iso8859 /etc/
grep -irn font /etc/

and change iso8859-1 in iso8859-15 ( AND MAKE BACKUPS FIRST !!! ) 

There still a few things unclear to me, like to get them in webpages, so that
everyone can see them. The best solution I now use is having a little 
gif/png/jpg instead so every one can see what currency i mean. The real solution
is that you use ;euro& as an escaped html character to render an euro.
If you apsolutely dont know what to do any more you can always put EUR before 
a price and that should be oke too.

Opera have let me down, well i think it shal be fixed in the next versions ;)
Gvim too altough vi is working properly.

And then there is the issue that some people want to use there own language.
So as Marco Rinck (marco at states in his email,

> First of all: the normal console. I have the following set in my
> /etc/profile:

LC_ALL   = de_DE.ISO-8859-15
LC_CTYPE = de_DE.ISO-8859-15
RC_LANG  = de_DE.ISO-8859-15


> Of course thats for germany. The "de_DE" you have to change to your
> local settings. Now the only you must do is to set a default font wich
> contains the euro. The preinstalled font lat0-16.psfu.gz should suit
> your needs. Look in the LFS book how to set it as default. After this
> I had no problems with euro on console. I had to press "Alt-GR" (the
>  key right of space) and E and it worked.

Well you are free to do that but personaly dont like responses in dutch from my
computer ;) 

To get realy into the locale things here are some things that might get you running
locale --help

give all availeble locales
locale -v -a

give all availeble charmaps
locale -m 

man 1 localedef

man 5 locale

man 5 charmap

man 7 iso_8859-15   

To close this hint i like to say that you are free to ask me how to do stuff and
if you have any usefull additions i like too put them up here. Thanks goes to 
everyone that helped me on #lfs.

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