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Johan Veenstra j.h.veenstra at
Mon Jul 1 11:55:41 PDT 2002

timothy at wrote:

>   Problems
>      So far I have never had a single problem with anything I compiled
>      using even the most aggressive method listed. The only thing I've
>      noticed is better performance. If you have any problems let me know
>      and I'll try to help you out.

Probably even a bit more aggressive is patching the source to make '-z 
combreloc' the default behaviour:

diff -Naur binutils-2.12.1.orig/ld/ldmain.c binutils-2.12.1/ld/ldmain.c
--- binutils-2.12.1.orig/ld/ldmain.c    Tue Apr  2 03:29:23 2002
+++ binutils-2.12.1/ld/ldmain.c Mon Jul  1 20:36:25 2002
@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@
   link_info.flags = (bfd_vma) 0;
   link_info.flags_1 = (bfd_vma) 0;
   link_info.pei386_auto_import = false;
-  link_info.combreloc = false;
+  link_info.combreloc = true;
   link_info.spare_dynamic_tags = 5;

   ldfile_add_arch ("");

I haven't tested this yet, but I will try to do so in the near future.

Johan Veenstra
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