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Larry Lawrence larry at
Wed Jul 3 09:05:32 PDT 2002

James Iwanek wrote:

> Scot Mc Pherson wrote:
>> Since there is some talk of gnome-2 and hint creation i'd like to make a
>> proposal. I think tha the hints should be kept separate. The point being
>> that the build instructions for gnome-1.4 and gnome-2 are not the same.
>> At the same time, there is still compelling reason to stick with
>> gnome-1.4 if on wishes to.  This is principly why I renamed the current
>> gnome hint gnome-1.4.txt so that we could keep this hint and any future
>> gnome-2.txt  hint separate and distinct.
>> What say all of you?
>> Scot Mc Pherson
> very good idea - if mark agrees i will put it in the book when finished -
> im starting on putting the gnome-1.4 packages in the book tomorrow
> -----
> Jay

The release notes give the order and compile instructions (which have been 
standardized).  Obviously if these instructions are vague or incorrect, a 
hint would be necessary, but what are peoples actual experience.  I recall 
seeing one compile error question on that got a real quick 

It appears to me the ones requesting a hint have not even read the website, 
and have definately not read the 'release notes'!

BTW - a good hint appears to be how to properly configure the desktop.  
There are numerious comments in the reviews on where to change settings so 
that the change is effective.

Going back to my room, sorry.


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