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> <rant>
> It appears to me the ones requesting a hint have not even read the
> and have definately not read the 'release notes'!
> </rant>
> BTW - a good hint appears to be how to properly configure the desktop.
> There are numerious comments in the reviews on where to change settings so
> that the change is effective.

As to the not reading the website and release note, you are right I haven't.
I haven't any plans to build gnome-2 anytime soon.  As well I didn't request
a hint, I requested the hints remained separate is all.  If you are familiar
with building gnome-1.4 at all, you will note that installing
everything --prefix=/opt/{gnome,GNOME} isn't as easy as it seems. Else we
wouldn't really need a hint.  If you followed the instructions according to
the gnome developers, you'd be installing everything in --prefix=/usr.  Now
I can't say as far as gnome-2. I haven't contemplated it yet.

Having hints for desktop configuration I think is a GREAT idea, especially
how to configure your desktop and application menus WITHOUT having to log
into X as root. i.e. where ARE those files found??? ;-)  Long and short,
global configurations are found in the very broad $GNOME_ROOT/share/
directory.  i.e. $GNOME_ROOT/share/gnome/apps/Internet/ is the directory
where you can find the menu configuration for "Foot > Programs > Internet"
program menus. You need root access in a terminal window to make changes to
these files. But you don't have to log off and log into root to make the
changes (fwhew, thanx be to the gods). User specific configurations are
found the the ~/.directory directoies, but the user specific configurations
don't require root access and can for the most part be configured within the
gui, and don't need a terminal open. I may perhaps get to that hints rather
shortly, cause I do think

Scot Mc Pherson

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