whoops..updated dhcpcd.txt again

Timothy Bauscher timothy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 9 08:39:10 PDT 2002

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 12:37:51AM -0500, DJ Lucas wrote:
> >Timothy and Ian,

IIRC, Ian is on his honeymoon :)

> >Also, I'd like to make a hint request.  I'm reluctant to want my name on 
> >the list for this one tho, for fear of major flames!..lol  I'm having a 
> >heck of a time installing WINE.

LOL. Ok, i added WINE to the wishlist, and didn't mention
your name :)

> Ignore my first message, I went ahead and updated the patch for the 
> manpages as well before I went to bed.

I should be committed, thanks :)


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