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  TITLE:		iproute2
  LFS VERSION:	All kernel 2.2 and later versions
  AUTHOR:		Marcos Zapata <zeta11 at>
      How to compile iproute2 and use it with your LFS.
  Most linux distributions are starting to provide the iproute2 package,
  because of the new redesigned network subsystem implemented in kernels 2.2 and
  up. The old comands 'ifconfig' and 'route' are now been deprecated because of
  their faulty and unexpected behaviour under these kernels.
  It was written by Alexey Kuznetsov, who also wrote the routing code of the
  kernels 2.2 and up. This new routing and filtering code provides many advantages
  and features that weren't available before and ip is the tool to handle it.
  Where to download it?
  For the purposites of this hint, I'll be using:
  iproute2-2.4.7-now-ss020116-try.tar.gz and kernel-2.4.18.
  The compiling and instalation of this program is very strait-forward:
  tar -zxvf iproute2-2.4.7-now-ss020116-try.tar.gz
  cd iproute2
  #if you want, edit Makefile to change some values like KERNEL_INCLUDE or
  #SBINDIR. You shouldn't need to if you've built LFS.
  make install
  If you didn't edit Makefile, the tools should be in /sbin, the conf. files in
  /etc/iproute2 and the docs in /usr/doc/iproute2. Sadly, it doesn't include any
  man pages, you'll need latex and sgmltools to read the docs. I advised you to
  read them, to fully understand and use this powerful tool.
  Ok, now that we have ip we need to recompile the kernel. With 'make menuconfig'
  under 'Networking options', enable netlink and filtering support, also tunneling
  and multicasting. The exact options names may vary for the different kernel
  versions. Just make sure you enable netlink support, it needs it. Compile the
  bzImage and modules, install, and remember to add this new kernel to your lilo
  or grub conf. to start with this new configuration.
  If you built LFS 3.1 (I guess it could work with previous versions) you need to
  change the boot scripts: localnet and network in /etc/rc.d/init.d.
  look  for 'loadproc ifconfig lo' in start), replace it with:
  ip addr add dev lo
  ip link set lo up
  look for 'loadproc ifconfig lo down' in stop), replace it with:
  ip link set lo down
  ip addr del dev lo
  look for 'ifconfig lo' in status), replace it with:
  ip addr show lo
  look for 'route add default gateway $GATEWAY metric 1 dev $GATEWAY_IF',...:
  ip route add default via $GATEWAY scope link metric 1 dev $interface
  look for 'route del -net default', replace it with:
  ip route del default
  Also, the scripts in /etc/sysconfig/network-devices: ipdown and ifup.
  look for 'ifconfig $1 down', replace it with:
  ip link set $1 down
  ip addr del $IP dev $1
  look for 'ifconfig $1 $IP netmask $NETMASK broadcast $BROADCAST',....:
  ip addr add $IP/$NETMASK broadcast $BROADCAST dev $1
  ip link set $1 up
  As you can see the ip command is very simple to use, and it's very similar to
  ifconfig and route. The only thing that changes is the NETMASK.
  You need to change NETMASK in /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth* :
  from to 32
   ..   to 24
   ..     to 16
   ..       to 8
  so that ifconfig.eth0 (for example) looks something like this:
  That's it. You can reboot now and start using your LFS with this new tool.
  You shouldn't have much trouble setting it up. Good luck.
  Thanks to Diego Saravia, for getting me started with iproute2.
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