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Hello Ian !

Remember me asking about this hint (which creates a non-working
rootdisk instead of a bootdisk) on #lfs ??

I mailed the maintainer for this hint like you asked me to,
but the address is invalid.  I've pasted the message I tried
to sent below:

Best Regards,


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Hi Randy !

I've got a couple remarks/questions:

The hint you wrote, doesn't create a bootdisk, but a rootdisk.
Please correct the naming...

In dev_files:

@dev_files = qw(

You should create ram0, since the initial ramdisk gets mounted there
instead of /dev/ram, as seen in:

open FSTAB, ">$distro/etc/fstab";
print FSTAB <<EOF;
/dev/ram0       /               ext2    defaults

And this:

unless (-e "$distro/var/run/utmp") {system("/bin/touch

should that not become:

unless (-e "$distro/var/run/utmp") {system("/bin/touch

Best Regards,

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