Installing Exim 3.34 using Berkeley DB 4.0.14

Carsten Lenz C.Lenz at
Mon Mar 11 10:16:05 PST 2002

TITLE:          Installing Exim 3.34 using Berkeley DB 4.0.14
LFS VERSION:    Tested on LFS-3.1
AUTHOR:         Carsten Lenz <lenz at>

SYNOPSIS:       How to install Exim 3.34 using Berkeley DB 4.0.14

HINT:           Version 0.1 (03/11/2002)


1. Introduction
2. Files needed
3. Install Berkeley DB 4.0.14
4. Fixing the "bug" in Exim
5. Installing Exim

1. Introduction

I just reinstalled my server after I had found some strange changes in
the filssystem which I could not explain, maybe I had a unwanted
visitor on my machine. Due to that I had also to reinstall my
mailserver Exim.
The installation of Exim was made how explained in the Exim hint
( but I had several
problems. It began with installing the Berkeley DB.

2. Files needed

Berkeley DB 4.0.14:
Exim 3.34:  
for DB 4.0.14:

3. Install Berkeley DB 4.0.14

To install Berkeley DB on your LFS system exract the tarball and cd
into the created db directory:

tar xvfz db-4.0.14.tar.gz &&
cd db-4.0.14

Normally you would now type ../configure and so on, but here it a
little different. The Berkeley DB can be compiled for many Operating
Systems. To compile for Linux cd into the directory build_unix and
from there we start the configure and make procedure:

cd build_unix &&
../dist/configure --prefix=/usr &&
make install

I have taken the same prefix like in the original Exim hint because I
don't know why to change it.

4. Fixing the "bug" in Exim

Normally you would now extract the Exim sources and install the
sources going the "normal" way. The ./configure runs without any
problems but during the compilation I got the following error:

| >>> convert4r3 script built in util directory
| gcc -O  -o exim_dbmbuild  exim_dbmbuild.c \
|  -lnsl -lcrypt  -ldb
| In file included from dbfn.h:107,
|                 from exim.h:332,
|                 from exim_dbmbuild.c:30:
| /usr/include/db.h:634: parse error before `60'
| make[1]: *** [exim_dbmbuild] Error 1
| make[1]: Leaving directory
| `/usr/src/packages/exim-3.34/build-Linux-i386'
| make: *** [go] Error 2

The problem is well known in the Exim-users mailinglist and the german
mailserver newsgroup.
Because my debugging of that error message was not successful I asked
in above given newsgroup. I received a hint from Jochen Erwied, which
fixes the problem.

To apply the exim-db4.0.14 patch extract the exim sources and execute
the following lines:

tar xvfj exim-3.34.tar.bz2 &&
cd exim-3.34 &&
patch -Np1 -i ../exim-db4.0.14.patch

5. Installing Exim

Now you can install Exim how explained in the Exim hint.


Now that I have written this little hint, Jochen Erwied mailed me that
a new Exim version is released witch contains the patch I discriebed

From: Philip Hazel <ph10 at>

I have put Exim 3.35 on the master ftp site:

42d362e40a21bd7ffc298f92c8bd986a  exim-3.35.tar.gz
dd1600dceb36e7b4295958446b209090  exim-3.35.tar.bz2

This is purely a maintenance release. It fixes a few small problems
have arisen, including those raised by the bugtraq posting last week.


Whatever, I attach the patchfile and make it under above given URL on
my ftp server available tonight.

Best regards,

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