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Fabio Fracassi turiya at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 28 15:03:36 PST 2002

On Thursday 28 March 2002 15:55, you wrote:
> Hello,
> > Now, if the book says "check hints.lfs.org/hints/editors/" for other
> > editor choices, it's a lot easier to ppl to look at all the editor hints
> > without missing one or two if they're all conglomerated in one big
> > directory listing (like currently done).
> But I also think if you know what you are doing, looking through
> categories is slower..

Well I've made a script (actually its a programm, since I'm not to good at 
scripting) to build a hint index without the need for sorting the actual 
hints into directorys

It is far from ready/comfortable but it works.

I've attached a sample html file, which it creates and the template which was 
used to Build it (and of course the source code)

The Template Mecanism is a bit picky, but se for yourself.

There are two things that I want to have in there. 
The first is quite easy: Build a category TOC at the top. 
The second is  as Category Description File, that adds a "SYNOPSIS" for the 

Let me know what you think of it.


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