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Richard Bates shryke at kinex.net
Tue Sep 3 12:59:10 PDT 2002

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TITLE:		LFS Update
AUTHOR:		shryke	<shryke at linuxmail.org>

	An easy way to keep your lfs packages up to date


Version 0.1

The following is an easy way to keep your LFS system up to date using a simple
script written in the Ruby programming language <www.ruby-lang.org>.  It will
show you if you have old packages installed, and the URL to get the latest 
version.  It DOES NOT install anything on its own.

First, you must install ruby.  Download it, unpack it, and do
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

Then, get yourself a copy of rupdate from www.sourceforge.net/projects/shryke
Unpack it and run `rupdate`, either by $ rupdate or $ ruby rupdate.

Thats it, it will let you know if you have anything that should be updated.  
It was written with LFS in mind, and checks almost every base LFS package.
Feel free to email me directly to report bugs

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