New Hint: Encap Pacakge Management

Michael Wu edf_iceburner at
Sat Sep 14 21:45:38 PDT 2002

I've always wanted to do a hint like this, then I decided to make my 
package management system, and I forgot about this.

I personally epkg everything but xfree and java (I don't use tetex, so I 
don't know). It makes things more consistant, because I really want to see 
mostly symlinks when visiting /usr. Also, to keep things consistant, my 
target directory is always root. I keep xfree and java seperate since they 
have their own little place to live in. I think you should include 
something on staticly linking epkg in chapter 5 for the people who like 
encaping everything (including epkg).

BTW, XFree doesn't keep to itself when installing in /usr/X11R6. It'll 
install a few symlinks for itself in the /usr/* areas, but that's about it 
(I think).

I like your system cleanup script. I manually clean everything up before 
symlinking everything to it's place, but this is a nice solution too.

I have a nice, large rant on IIRC that talks about a few other 
issues, too.

-Michael Wu

Andre Masella wrote:

> I would like to submit the attached hint for LFS package management using
> encap/epkg. Thank you.

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