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Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Thu Sep 26 05:26:19 PDT 2002

Just in the nick of time - I am just starting to set up sendmail today...

Sam Halliday wrote:

> hi,
> i recently upgraded to a cvs LFS, and ran into soem
> trouble with my own sendmail hin.. eek! where to
> turn??!! well, anyway, i have fixed it up in a big
> way, and tested it on 2 computers, and all seems fine.
> i have however, not been able to confirm if the online
> IP database lookup of known spammers is workign or
> not... anyoen know how i can check that?
> i hope this is a much better hint. the changelog
> really doesnt show how much the file content has
> changed, but other noticable differences are the
> change in my contact address and an upgrade to the new
> initscript method.
> thanks!
> Sam
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