sendmail part 4

Sam Halliday fommil at
Sat Sep 28 07:40:41 PDT 2002

hi there,

i've been doing a lot of work on the sendmail hint
this week, and i think this covers everything a lot
better than before. a diff will quickly reveal a few
fixes in the permissions section which will have
otherwise really messed up the database utilisation...
plus you wouldnt have noticed since the initscript
pipes its output to /dev/null (i better fix that in
the future, but its the only way to pretty things up!)

also... i have a workaround for the .forward problem.
it turns out that procmail, despite being installed
suid root, is ACTUALLY being run as user smmsp!!! i
would LOVE to hear a way to fix this... the sendmail
newslist had no answers for me. in the meantime, if
you make any user's (who want to utilise procmail)
home directory be owned <user>.smmsp it will forward
mail! yay! this is just at the top level, not
recursive! if the user has their umask set correctly,
smmsp will not even be able to read the users files...
this is important, because sendmail runs as smmsp, and
we lose a security advantage of not running as root
otherwise. i know this is messy, but trust me... i am
working on the REAL solution. make sure smmsp can read
.forward and .procmailrc! (i.e. also make them
<user>.smmsp or world readable)

err... im getting a formatting problem with the man
page of sendmail, anyone good with sed? (if anyone
mentions info pages, ill kill them! :D)


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