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  --- nptl.txt	17 Nov 2003 06:34:10 -0000	1.19
  +++ nptl.txt	17 Dec 2003 15:08:26 -0000	1.20
  @@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
   AUTHOR:         Teemu Tervo <teemu.tervo at>
  -DATE:           2003-11-15
  +DATE:           2003-12-13
   LICENSE:        The MIT License
   SYNOPSIS:       Building an LFS system with the NPTL library
  -DESCRIPTION:    Using the new libpthread implementation Native POSIX
  -                Threading Library (NPTL) instead of linuxthreads.
  +DESCRIPTION:    Using the new libpthread implementation NPTL (Native POSIX
  +                Threading Library) instead of linuxthreads.
   PREREQUISITES:  LFS version 5.0+
  @@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
   already present.
  -Software requirements (as of November 14th 2003)
  +Software requirements (as of December 12th 2003)
   1. A kernel with proper support for thread-local storage. This means
  @@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
      If you have no experience with 2.6, I suggest you have a look at
      the post-halloween document, which summarizes the changes since 2.4.
      I won't go into further detail on using the 2.6.x kernels, since
      it is fairly straight-forward, but be sure to replace modutils with
  @@ -197,11 +197,6 @@
   Chapter 6 -- Installing Glibc
  -If you looked at /tools/lib, you probably noticed the library is still called If you're anal about these kinds of things, you can edit the
  -version string in version.h to read "2.3.3 experimental" or whatever feeds
  -your pumpkin.
   If you try running /tools/lib/, you'll see it won't work due to
   some assertions failing. contains a patch,
   which fixes this problem. This is merely a cosmetic issue, and is optional.
  @@ -324,3 +319,7 @@
   * Changed sanitized headers dl location, they're now over at fedora's site
   * Revised the part about futexes in the kernel, it was misleading
  +* Dropped editing of glibc's version.h, it's unnecessary, outdate and
  +  removing it will prevent me from ever updating it
  +* Updated post-halloween doc location
  \ No newline at end of file

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