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   AUTHOR:		Kris van Rens
   			kvrprogs AT edsko DOT com
  -DATE:		2003-12-19
  +DATE:		2003-12-20
  @@ -18,7 +18,10 @@
   So, if you're one of the people wanting to try out the new 2.6.0 kernel, you
   should probably take a look at this hint for a few tips to bring it to a
  -successful end.
  +successful end. Of course the new kernel does not have to better for you, you
  +might have some trouble with NVIDIA-drivers or winmodems. You can always fall
  +back to the 2.4 kernel and wait a while before you'll try it again.
  @@ -26,7 +29,6 @@
   *** module-init-tools sources tarball
   Get this from
  -there may be other placed, but I don't know them yet.
   *** linux-2.6.x kernel sources tarball
   Get these from or a mirror.
  @@ -38,6 +40,7 @@
   Of course, you should also have Make, GCC and an Assembler, but this hint is
   meant for the LFS-community so I'll assume you fulfill these requirements.
   So, you want to migrate from linux-2.4.x to linux-2.6.x? Well no problem!
  @@ -51,11 +54,15 @@
   I cut this hint section in two; installing the new module-init-tools and
   installing the kernel.
  -To migrate from kernel 2.4 to 2.6 you'll need a new module loading system, the
  -system has bin worked over completely. 
  +*note: If you have a Nvidia graphics card; or you want to use a winmodem or
  +	you want to be sure that you don't have to undertake special steps, take a
  +	look at the EXCEPTIONS area. It's always a good idea to take a look there.
   ***STEP 1: Obtaining and installing the new module-init-tools
  +To migrate from kernel 2.4 to 2.6 you'll need a new module loading system, the
  +system has been worked over completely. 
   As you like, move the tarball into the directory from where you'll install it,
   for me that's /usr/src, and cd' into it.
  @@ -79,7 +86,7 @@
   make moveold
  -This makes the 'old' modultils such as insmod,rmmod or modprobe to be renamed
  +This makes the modultils such as insmod,rmmod or modprobe to be renamed
   to insmod.old, rmmod.old and modprobe.old. The new to be installed
   module-init-tools do a runtime check which kernel is running and invoke the
   right version of the tools, for example if 2.4.x is running the insmod command
  @@ -156,28 +163,63 @@
   If there are errors during the booting, read the error-output carefully and
   eventually reconfigure the kernel. Otherwise if your screen is black, it has
   probably something to do with the framebuffer device, also reconfigure the
  -kernel and try again, or try vga=normal in your bootloader configuration.
  +kernel and try again. Or try vga=normal in your bootloader configuration, and
  +check if 'CONFIG_VT' is set to 'y' in your .config file.
  -If the problem is really stubborn and you can't get is away, read the
  +You should look at the EXCEPTIONS field, you might have to do some additional
  +work to get your kernel work properly.
  +If the problem is really stubborn and you can't get it away, read the
   mailinglist archives or ask a new question there.
   Otherwise, congratulations with you're shiny new 2.6 kernel!
  +***Nvidia drivers for the 2.6 kernel:
  +If you have a Nvidia graphics card, you'll have to make the drivers for it
  +separately, the standard kernel does not support them (well). Take a look at:
  +Here you will find the (widely tested) patches for the Nvidia drivers, and some
  +help to install them.
  +***WinModem drivers for the 2.6 kernel:
  +Lucent Technologies provides a driver for WinModems, you can get it here:
  +Or (not tested):
  -The post-halloween document from dave jones:
  +The post-halloween document from Dave Jones:
  -The German transation of it:
  +The German translation of it:
   Professor Dr. Juergen Quade from the Niederrein University for printing me
   	out the preleminary version of the 'Meister-Installateur' article for
   	the Linux Magazin.
   		First version 1.0
  +	[2003-12-20]
  +		Version 1.1
  +		*Changed DATE format to intl.
  +		*Structural fixes + some typos
  +		*Added the EXCEPTIONS field; thanks Alexander!

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