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> Hi:
> There are many hints that are in the previous format. Owing to the 
> format, these hints are not picked up by the index maker and hence
> don't show up on the Hints Index.
> The current status of the HINTS can be viewed at 
> <
> TATUS>. 
> If you are an author of a hint mentioned in the list, I would
> appreciate if you sent a message to <hints at>
> regarding your plans for the hint. For more info on the hints and
> the new format, visit <>.
One of those in the list is the Orphaned xmail hint.  The hint has
been taken up by a non-LFSer Jeff Laramie, who is maintaining it for
the xmail community as a website.  How would you feel to a hint that
just said 'Do what it says -here-'?  This is a very short version of
what I've done in the Essential Pre-Reading Hint.

It's a little dangerous, since the website might go off into Redhat
land or something, and isn't always as convenient as a text hint, but
it may be better than not having advice at all.

I also have some other material that I am not prepared to maintain in
txt form, but would be happy to contribute in html, either hosted or
pointed-at.  One of the things this allows is pictures and diagrams.



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