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    Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:
One of those in the list is the Orphaned xmail hint.  The hint hasbeen taken up by a non-LFSer Jeff Laramie, who is maintaining it forthe xmail community as a website.  How would you feel to a hint thatjust said 'Do what it says -here-'?
If the website is linked from the xmail website, (IMO) there is no needto include it in our hints. The user can always visit their site forinfo (which users should be doing anyways).
It's a little dangerous, since the website might go off into Redhatland or something, and isn't always as convenient as a text hint, butit may be better than not having advice at all.  
Another option is to coordinate with Jeff and have a text version inlfs hint format on the lfs site.
I also have some other material that I am not prepared to maintain intxt form, but would be happy to contribute in html, either hosted orpointed-at.  One of the things this allows is pictures and diagrams.  
Depending on which packages the material is for, the links can beincluded into the book. If the packages are not part of LFS/BLFS. I amnot sure if having hints with a single URL link would be a good trendor not. Let me think over it a bit. At the same time I am open forsuggestions and opinions.

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