possible new hint idea

Zack Winkles winkie093 at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 11 06:51:43 PST 2003

Ronald Hummelink <ronald at hummelink.xs4all.nl> wrote:
> I for one would be interested in trying that out at least :)
> BTW, if you decide to write this hint (*hopes*) maybe look at redhat
> beta. I think read in some changeloggish readme thing they may go ntpl
> and i doubt even redhat is suicidal enough to ship with 2.5.x... If
> you want i'll try to find where i read that again.

i've fiddled with this in the past, and got it successfully working. the
only thing i did different from what the hint might/will be, is that i
was using gcc 3.3 CVS. i just grabbed a copy of the gcc-3.2-7.src.rpm
from rh8, and lo and behold there are a bunch of nice patches that seem
to be exactly what i need to make this work in 3.2. i already created
the patch to make __attribute__((visibility)) or whatever it is work in
3.2. glibc seems to want this, and currently it's not present. i'm
working to make the __thread patches apply cleanly to the 3.2 i have
(CVS from about an hour ago), but i'm having some trouble making it work
on ia64. i don't think anybody will use that though.... i hope :-). oh
well, i'll ask gerard if i can bum some webspace for the patches, and
over the course of the day i'll write up the hint. see you around.
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