Tcl/Tk toolkit hint

Shane Shields locutusenterprises at
Mon Feb 17 08:55:34 PST 2003

This is a hint I constructed for Tcl/Tk.

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TITLE:		Tcl/Tk for LFS
AUTHOR:		Shane Shields locutus at

	This hint is for installing the Tcl/Tk toolkit on an LFS system.
	As it is not a straight forward ./configure etc. I am writing
	this to save some head scratching in the future. Of course
	there is all the usual stuff about no guarantees etc. etc.


Assuming that you have the sources for Tcl/Tk which you would need to
have if you are installing it. The version that I used is 8.3.4 for 
both Tcl and Tk.

Unpack both packages to the same directory.
Cd to the created tcl/unix subdirectory.

In my case cd $instDir/tcl8.3.4/unix.

Do the configure magic that LFSers are good at.

./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install


Change to the corresponding directory in Tk.

cd ../../tk8.3.4/unix

Again do the configure magic.

./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install

Now you can delete the sources. The reason the sources werent deleted
earlier is that Tk wants to use a header file from the Tcl source. If
it cant find it, it spits the dummy.

But wait...theres more.

Some programs (like make xconfig) that use the toolkit use the 'wish'
binary. Tk by default installs the wish binary with a version extension.
So for these programs to work we need to make a symlink.

ln -sf wish8.3 /usr/bin/wish

Thats it Tcl/Tk is now installed and working. To test it out you can
start up X and either go to your kernel tree and run 'make xconfig'
or type 'wish' in an xterm which will open up a shell and window where
you can wish away ;) 

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