Uname kernel module hack hint

Jules Bjørn Colding JuBColding at yorkref.com
Tue Feb 18 23:25:06 PST 2003


I tried to contact what I thought was the original author of the uname
kernel module hack to get permission to add MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") to the
code. This will avoid an annoying message from insmod. 

Our conversation is below and the new code has been attached. Please
consider updating the hint.

Best regards,

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From: Yann Guidon <whygee at f-cpu.org>
To: Jules Bjørn Colding <JuBColding at yorkref.com>
Subject: Re: Uname kernel module hack
Date: 19 Feb 2003 01:52:02 +0100

hello !

Jules Bjørn Colding wrote:

>You seem to be the author of the uname module hack so it seems that it
>is you that I should ask.. 
no, i am not the original author.
i simply made a little enhancement on the "uname trick tip".

>Would you mind if I put a MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") at the end of the code?
>An annoying warning message from insmod is printed if this macro is
>absent or if other licensing terms is defined.
i have not remarked this message yet.
however, since this is actually distributed under GPL (AFAIK)
there is of course no problem :-) I would even advise you to
1 ) update the header, add the date and your email address and
what you have done
2) send the modified source to the LFS mailing list
 so later messages will be directed to you :-)

i don't remember who was the original author but since i have
put my email in it, people directed requests to me, thinking
i did everything. Putting your email will thus bring you
some emails :-)

I have not followed LFS for a while, i have forked since 3.3.
However i got a "flaw report", several months ago, about
the quoting of the desired CPU stepping on the command line,
and the modification was not brought to the header, so
i still get emails.

>Best regards,
have fun !


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