x hints?

Sam Halliday fommil at yahoo.ie
Sun Feb 23 06:59:16 PST 2003

> > yourselves what he calls that hint; i personally think it should
> > keep the '-freetype' postfix as that method is not fully recommended
> > by the XFree86 people, but you may disagree!
> I'd like someone to show me exactly where someone from the X dev team
> is saying that squelching it's obsolete version of the Freetype2
> library in favor of using a more updated system-provided one is
> somehow bad. If this wasn't supposed to be possible, then they should
> be building it as a static object. 

actually you are right... i just looked and cannot find this anywhere. I
read in the 4.2.1 release that building an external version of Mesa is
non-trivial and often breaks things, i was SURE they said the same about
freetype, but obvioulsy dont. i must be thinking of a much older release
(4.0 or something).

ok, if that is the case, i see Dagmar's build instructions as the best
to use and I will not maintain the 'superhint' past 4.3. Although it may
be handy to keep aroudn for a while as it goes into basic configuration
and DRI stuff more than Dagmars.

But... what i would REALLY like to see, would be a 'minimal xfree86'
hint! i.e. not building all those really arb extensions to the Xlib (the
ones no-one ever uses) and not building font support past bitmap, TTF
and type1. Has anyone had any luck with this? the best i have done is
cut my fonts from whatever massive amount that is required down to 8MB
with all the fonts i ever use.

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