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  -The LFS-Hints are small documents that explain how you can set something up like
  -how to setup X, KDE, Gnome, DHCP, NFS, Grub (alternative to LILO) and more.
  -These are items that don't fit in the LFS-BOOK, but which are useful to almost
  -every LFS user.
  +The LFS-Hints are small documents that explain how to do things that are
  +not in the LFS or BLFS books.  They provide a variety of information
  +such as alternative ways of building and configuring packages,
  +information on new packages that haven't yet made it into the books,
  +specialized techniques for specific hardware, and other areas that
  +interest LFS users.
   You can access the hints through a web interface to the CVS Repository so there
   is one thing you need to know in case you are not familiar with the interface.
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