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Scot Mc Pherson scot at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jul 3 08:12:49 PDT 2003

Ron wrote:

> i've had this discussion with many newbies in #lfs-support and i feel it
> should be placed in the FAQ.  For a normal desktop machine one should
> not go module crazy unless warranted, i.e. hotplug, rarely used things,
> etc.  Many people have troubles with modules when they shoudn't even be
> using modules.  i dunno, just my feelings.
> like using a module for a netcard on a desktop machine where its always
> teh same card. one example.

I agree, though I don't think it should be an FAQ.  I think a kernel
configuration and tuning hint would be more appropriate.

Personally I try to build everything I am going to use directly into the
kernel and only use modules for rarely used features or features that don't
work right unless they are build as mudules.  i.e. NVdrivers

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