crosscompiling-x86 problems [and fixes]

conathan at conathan at
Fri Jul 11 22:33:05 PDT 2003

I have applied the crosscompiling-x86 hint to the current LFS [which I
guess is Version 20030603].

I have been working on perfecting my selfbuilt LFS build script.  [perfect
for me, I have a hunch some people would hate what I did].  I decided to
incorperate the crosscompiling hint, as I have a 386 I wanted to setup
[not quite sure why I want to do this, but...]

CHOST was set to i386-pc-linux-gnu.
CFLAGS was set to -O2 -march=i386
CXXFLAGS was set to -O2 -march=i386
LDFLAGS was set to -s.

later, I noticed that /usr/share/zoneinfo never built correctly.  [and
lots of make check err's (I think some german locale was messed up
[unrecognized characters], and was probably needed for alot of tests)].

At first, I thought the 386 platform was getting too dated, so I tried
changing the above i386 to i686's.  [same problem].

Playing around a bit more, I set --build=$CHOST, and it built the
/usr/share/zoneinfo correctly.  [in glibc chapters 5 and 6].

To keep a long story short, I dont know much about cross-compiling [well,
got a i386-pc-mingw32 target working, but dont really know what autotools
do], and I dont know why the above fixed it.  but that's my problem, and
that's what solved it.

Nathan Coulson (conathan at
irc: conathan, clippy

if only ducttape worked on computers...
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