Cross Compiling from Linux to Windows.

conathan at conathan at
Thu Jul 17 17:49:26 PDT 2003

Hey!  I have been playing with 3 cross compilers lately [and I think it is
almost perfected.].

few problems.  I need to find some packages that compile with windows
libraries [or the cloned window libraries I should say], so I can get a
better understanding of how this works.  [more or less, prove it works].

anyway, if you want to take a look at my first draft [with a mingw cross
compiler], take a look at
[Note, my internet works fine if I dont use it.  if it does down, I have
to powercycle the modem *sigh*, just try again later if it doesnt work]

can someone experiment with it, and see if it works for them?  (yes, I
know most linux people hate windows [cant understand why, the desktop is a
nice shade of blue])

[This is just a draft for now]
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