Acha que esta a ganhar o que merece ?

Jason Cooper jcooper at
Mon May 12 15:38:07 PDT 2003

Lo siento, mi espanol esta muy malo.  La mailinglist
"hints at" esta por submision de "hints" solamente.  Y
la primera lingua esta ingles.  Por favor, email a todos los
mailinglists @ usar "plain text" solemente.  No
"html mail".  

Lo siento por mi espanol, no soy peligroso y no qeiro insultar tu.

Guys, if anyone knows spanish can you provide a better translation?  I
haven't used spanish in two years and even then it was present tense and
spoken only (some cute chick in mexico one night...).  

Is there a spanish version of LFS we could point him to?  I am only
aware of the french version.

Hope I didn't royally piss him off.  For all I know I could have just
told him his sister has a zebra in her pocket. *8^)


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