Cross-Compiling Hint [was Re: updated smp.txt]

Richard A Downing geek109 at
Thu May 15 23:41:48 PDT 2003

Archaic wrote:

> On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 10:20:12PM +0100, Richard A Downing wrote:
>> That having been said, I have received so very few inputs from anyone to
>> help in getting the new hint right, so I'm giving up.  What I did get
>> just typographical.  So Daniel can do it.  I'll take my work-so-far down
>> from my website sometime soon.
> Lack of input != lack of interest. Maybe no one found anything wrong
> with it. Why not post it here so it can be committed?

Actually I have two probs with doing this.

1) If I post it, then I'm gonna have maintain it.  And answer queries on it.
And since most of the material came from Nic Dille's excellent research I'm
not competant to do that.  My competance is in using English to express
technical ideas.

2) I'm bored with it.  My [,B]LFS interests have moved on to applications
rather than base-build.

So, someone else is welcome to take it on, and I'll happily send them what I
did to date (plagarism is the most sincere form of flattery, after all),
but I won't post as author.

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