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  1.1                  hints/OLD/dosemu.txt
  Index: dosemu.txt
  TITLE:		Setting up dosemu with freeDOS or any other dos
  AUTHOR:		Alex Kloss <l.x. at>
  	Sometimes you want to use the good old Disk Operating System,
  	e.g. for playing some real old games (like commander keen), but
  	you don't want to shutdown your linux box and don't have a DOS
  	bootdisk anyway...
  	Get dosemu (and freeDOS) now!
  	dosemu-<version>.tgz; dosemu-freedos-bin.tgz
  	First edit the compiletime-settings to match your preferences.
  	The file explains the usage of these
  	options. I myself used the following options:
  	config {
  	  experimental on
  	  sbemu on
  	  mitshm on
  	  x on
  	  net on
  	  dodebug on
  	  slangforce on
  	  oldslang off
  	  runasroot off
  	  linkstatic off
  	  newint on
  	  aspi on
  	./rebuild all &&
  	cp bin/* <wanted prefix, e.g. /usr/bin> &&
  	mkdir /var/lib/dosemu /var/lib/dosemu/dosemu &&
  	cp src/plugin/commands/*.com /var/lib/dosemu/dosemu
  	now try "dos" or "xdos". If xdos complains about not finding
  	the necessary fonts, you should edit your etc/X11/XftConfig
  	and add to the first lines
  	dir "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc"
  	and restart X.
  	A minor problem is that the src/plugin/commands dir does not
  	contain all of the dosemu stuff, for example the cdrom.sys
  	driver is missing. You'll find the turbo C sources in
  	/src/commands. Since you propably don't have turbo C, you'll
  	have to find a way to 1. extract that driver from the binary
  	distribution or 2. compile it without turbo C:
  	cd src/commands &&
  	for i in aspi cdrom ems emufs; do
  	  as86 -b ${i}.sys ${i}.S
  	done &&
  	cp *.sys /var/lib/dosemu/dosemu
  	Just don't mind the errors. The drivers should work anyway.
  	mkdir /var/lib/dosemu &&
  	cd /var/lib/dosemu &&
  	tar xzfv /<wherever it is>/freedos-bin.tar.gz
  	any other dos:
  	mkdir /var/lib/dosemu /var/lib/dosemu/dos &&
  	cp /<wherever it is>/io.sys /var/lib/dosemu &&
  	cp /<wherever it is>/msdos.sys /var/lib/dosemu &&
  	cp /<wherever it is>/ /var/lib/dosemu
  	You may be interested in copying other files you want (himem.sys)
  	to the dos directory.
  	Copy etc/dosemu.users.[easy|secure] and etc/dosemu.conf to /etc and 
  	edit them to match your preferences.
  	Check for other DOS, e.g. Caldera Open Dos, which is also free.
  Hope this was helpful!

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